Using Pyodide from Iodide

This document describes using Pyodide inside Iodide. For information about using Pyodide directly from Javascript, see Using Pyodide from Javascript.

Running basic Python

Create a Python chunk, by inserting a line like this:

%% py

Type some Python code into the chunk, and press Shift+Enter to evaluate it. If the last clause in the cell is an expression, that expression is evaluated, converted to Javascript and displayed in the console like all other output in Javascript. See Type conversions for more information about how data types are converted between Python and Javascript.

%% py
import sys

Loading packages

Only the Python standard library and six are available after importing Pyodide. Other available libraries, such as numpy and matplotlib are loaded on demand.

If you just want to use the versions of those libraries included with Pyodide, all you need to do is import and start using them:

%% py
import numpy as np

For most uses, that is all you need to know.

However, if you want to use your own custom package or load a package from another provider, you’ll need to use the pyodide.loadPackage function from a Javascript chunk. For example, to load a special distribution of Numpy from

%% js

After doing that, the numpy you import from a Python chunk will be this special version of Numpy.

Using a local build of Pyodide with Iodide

You may want to build a local copy of Pyodide with some changes and test it inside of Iodide.

By default, Iodide will use a copy of Pyodide deployed to Netlify. However, it will use locally-installed copy of Pyodide if USE_LOCAL_PYODIDE is set.

Set that environment variable in your shell:


Then follow the building and running instructions for Iodide as usual.

Next, build Pyodide using the regular instructions in ../ Copy the contents of Pyodide’s build directory to your Iodide checkout’s build/pyodide directory:

mkdir $IODIDE_CHECKOUT/build/pyodide
cp $PYODIDE_CHECKOUT/build/* $IODIDE_CHECKOUT/build/pyodide