From your browser, you can try Pyodide in an Iodide notebook. The Iodide documentation site provides additional user and developer documentation.


The Python scientific stack, compiled to WebAssembly.


Pyodide bundles support for the following packages: numpy, scipy, and many other libraries in the Python scientific stack.

To use additional packages from PyPI, try the experimental feature, Installing packages from PyPI and try to pip install the package.

To create a Pyodide package to support and share libraries for new applications, try Creating a Pyodide package.

Using Pyodide

Pyodide may be used in several ways, including in an Iodide notebook, directly from JavaScript, or to execute Python scripts asynchronously in a web worker. Although still experimental, additional packages may be installed from PyPI to be used with Pyodide.

Developing Pyodide

The Development section help Pyodide contributors to find information about the development process including making packages to support third party libraries and understanding type conversions between Python and JavaScript.

The Project section helps contributors get started and gives additional information about the project’s organization.

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